Specialising In The Specialised

“I have developed a respect for Amada equipment over the years.

It is extremely reliable and accurate.”

“Like any contract manufacturing business, we are facing competitors out there waiting to get a slice of your business. The investment in Amada equipment will keep us ahead of our opposition by enabling us to reliably produce high quality, high precision metalwork on time.”

Stephen Honan, owner & founder of HDM Metal

“We invested in the HG 2204 for mainly three reasons.”




If you can imagine it, we can create it… Whether perforated, laser-cut building facades, landscape features, balustrades or custom street furniture; ACT-based HDM Metal is committed to providing quality architectural and ornamental metalwork at every stage of the process, from design to installation.


“We try to specialise in the specialised,” says Stephen Honan, who founded the business in 2004 with a focus on the manufacture of electronic cabinets and commercial metalwork. Together with his business partner Rodney Skvorc, he has gradually grown HDM to a medium-sized manufacturing business with 30 employees and a 3,500-mÇ factory with modern CNC equipment.


Just like many fabricators in the architectural sheetmetal business HDM is faced with short production runs, requiring short set-up times, efficient processes and of course the latest technology. Stephen and his team rely on Amada machinery – simply because it is reliable.


“I invested in Amada machinery because the business I started my career at, Precision Metals, had numerous Amada machines,” Stephen explains. “I developed a respect for the Amada equipment at the time; it was extremely reliable and accurate, the reliability of the gear was amazing. It rarely broke down, and if it did it was usually up and running again within no time.”


Today, HDM is running five machines from Amada Oceania: A guillotine, two press brakes, an AE2510 turret punch, and an FOM23015RI laser cutter. Most recently, Stephen and Rodney have invested in an Amada HG2204 press brake. “We are not a production business as such, we tend to do small runs, and so far we have found the HG2204 to be good for this,” Stephen explains. “The machine is quick to set up, which for us is very important.”


Of course, quality and precision are also essential for any business to have an edge over the competition. Designed for short runs and high productivity, the HG Series guarantees continuous, top-class accuracy. The machines possess a high-precision press beam drive which ensures outstanding angular bending accuracy. Precise, uniform bending is guaranteed along the entire length of the press beam. “Our business is built around producing high quality and high precision metalwork, so for us high precision is most definitely important in remaining competitive and the leader in our region.”


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