All-around Fiber Laser Machine


A compact fiber laser machine like never before.


BREVIS is an all-around fiber laser machine that meets customer needs for cutting thin-to-thick materials.

It’s a user-friendly machine that is compact and equipped with the latest features and can be used easily regardless of operator’s experience.

Features - BREVIS-1212AJ

low running cost

low maintenance cost

Compact and easy-to-use fiber laser

High-speed processing of thin plate by fiber laser

Functionality - BREVIS-1212AJ

High-quality processing of highly reflective materials

High-quality processing of difficult-to-process materials

One-lens operation for thin to medium-thick plates

Z-axis stroke 200mm makes additional processing of three-dimensional objects easy.

Although it is a 4'x4' material size processing machine, it can also load 4'x8' material.

Equipped with AMNC 3i to gently support customers

Processing Samples - BREVIS-1212AJ

High-speed, low-cost processing of thin plates

Material: SUS304 1.0mm
4′ x 4′ Material Multiple
Processing Number: 98


4′ x 4′ Multi-Cavity

High-speed, low-cost processing of medium-thick plates

Material: SPHC 6.0mm
4′ x 4′ Material Multiple
Processing Number: 72


4′ x 4′ Multi-Cavity

Optional - BREVIS-1212AJ

i-Camera Assisted System

Chuck index specification


Booster (low pressure nitrogen → 3 MPa)

HP (Hyper) Easy Cut Device