Next-level laser processing.


The REGIUS fiber laser cutting machine integrates 3-axis linear drive, AMADA’s original Variable Beam Control technology, the new Laser Integration System (LIS) functions, and easy operation.


The extremely high speed, precise accuracy of full linear drive technology maximises machine potential and minimises downtime. Common processing issues are solved thanks to several autonomous functions such as automatic beam centering and advanced process monitoring, enabling a shift to next-level laser processing.

Features - REGIUS-3015AJ

Ultra-high-speed, high-precision machining in a different dimension

beam variable unit

Full-range high-speed, high-quality, stable machining realised with the latest technology Available

New functions to support zero downtime and stable machining

Functionality - REGIUS-3015AJ

Nozzle condition monitoring & automatic centering function (i-Nozzle Checker)

Protective glass condition diagnosis function (i-Optics Sensor)

Processing defect detection/recovery function (i-Process Monitoring)

Head interference detection/ restoration function

Simple cutting function by camera (i-Camera Assisted System)

NC screen sharing/remote control function (V-remote)

Processing Samples - REGIUS-3015AJ

SUS304 6.0mm

SECC 1.2mm

SPCC 1.2mm

SS400 19mm

Automation Solutions - REGIUS-3015AJ

Compact model (4 hours model)

Stable material supply and product accumulation.

Standard model (8 hours model)

Automated separation and sorting of parts for long-term continuous operation up to medium-thick plates using packaging materials.

Thick plate model (8 hours model)

Continuous operation by automatic exchange of processing pallets.

2-shelf model for various materials (16-hour model)

Suitable for continuous processing of a large amount of packaging material and operation with short processing time.

Compact manipulator + automated warehouse (24-hour model)

An expansion system that can be connected to multiple machines.

Optional - REGIUS-3015AJ

Cooling cut WACS II automatic water supply system


Y-direction conveyor

HP Easy Cut Device

signal light


Simple cutting function by camera (i-Camera Assisted System)

NC screen sharing/remote control function (V-remote)