General Fabrication Machines

Metal Shearing Machine, Tapping Machine, Deburring Machine, & More!

Sheet Shearing Machine - Product Range

When it comes to cutting sheet metal, the entire manufacturing process must be managed with utmost quality and speed. These are the criteria that are entrenched in the AMADA metal shearing machine range. High performance, accuracy, and reliability are what you can expect from an AMADA sheet shearing machine. 


The rigidity of the sheet shearing machine, as well as the drive and adjustment solutions, ensure unparalleled reliability and safety. Beyond technical considerations, this metal shearing machine range was designed to improve working conditions with ergonomic features in mind. 

Other General Fabrication Machines

With larger processing capacity and demand, you will often encounter the need for other general fabrication machines to support production. AMADA supports customers with other general fabrication machines ranging from tapping machine, deburring machine, iron worker machine, and more. 


One requirement that may come up is removing burrs from cutting and blanking processes with a deburring machine. Another is tapping threads with a tapping machine. Browse through our general fabrication machines to find the right one that suits your needs. 

General Fabrication Machine - FAQs

A metal shearing machine is a specialised tool designed for cutting sheet metal into various shapes and sizes. The sheet shearing machine is made up of a lower and upper blade that cut through the metal workpiece. 


The sheet shearing machine can achieve high-precision cutting by powerfully clamping the workpiece material with a plate holder. Typically, the upper blade cuts sheet metal by moving up and down while the lower blade serves as a base. The cutting speed and other features can be adjusted on the NC control of any AMADA metal shearing machine. 


The sheet shearing machine is used in many industrial workshops that seek high-precision and high-speed cutting capabilities at scale. 

The tapping machine is used to thread holes on a sheet metal surface. Workshops that invest in these machines do so for two main reasons, efficiency and accuracy at scale. A tapping machine facilitates fast and accurate tapping of multiple holes with maximum control and consistency. 


Compared to operator manual drilling, an NC tapping machine improves output and repeatability despite the much faster processing speed. Moreover, these machines enable a wide variety of tapping and design conditions, and material use. An NC-enabled tapping machine allows for auto programming and production, reducing the dependency for a skilled operator.

Burrs are imperfections that are created during the metal manufacturing process as a result of cutting or other forming activities. A deburring machine offers an ideal solution by removing these imperfections such as ridges or protrusions on workpieces. 


The main features of a deburring machine include a combination of brushes, discs, and belt heads used for grinding burrs. Brushes and disc heads on a deburring machine are great for removing dust and minor imperfections on small, delicate parts. On the other hand, belt heads effectively remove more noticeable burrs on thicker parts.


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