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AMADA’s laser cutting machine range is equipped to meet all your manufacturing requirements. Our machines are stringently designed to maximise processing capacity and minimise production costs.


From your initial inquiry about a laser cutting machine, we’ll take into consideration you’re production cycle and future needs. We can then recommend the most suitable sheet metal cutter to suit your needs. Whether that be the option between a CO2 or a fiber laser cutting machine, or power capacity (kW). Moreover, there’s also the option between a standalone metal cutting laser cutter for sale and an automated system. 


When you purchase one of AMADA’s laser cutting machines for sale, our partnership includes additional support. This ranges from software, service, and spare parts, with the goal of maximising sheet metal laser cutter productivity.

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Metal Laser Cutting Machine - FAQs

An industrial laser cutting machine is equipped with a high-power density laser beam that enables quick and precise cutting. A high-quality metal cutting laser cutter for sale will process materials ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. 


The principle behind a laser metal cutting machine is the heat generated by the laser beam that vaporises through metals. The sheet metal cutter laser beam moves through the material, cutting it into a pre-programmed shape. Importantly, a sheet metal cutting machine features several key components like the nozzle, CNC controller, gas delivery system, and chiller. Appropriate auxiliary gas is used during cutting and oxygen is used to oxidise material in a steel cutting laser machine. 


When looking for laser cutting machines for sale, you will have to make the choice between fiber and CO2 lasers. A fiber metal cutting laser cutter is known for narrower beam cutting, greater precision, and lower operating costs. This is largely due to electrical efficiency and solid-state construction. This industrial laser cutter is suitable for high-precission application on thinner sheet metal parts. On the other hand, a CO2 laser cutter for sale delivers wider beam width and usually more cutting power. It is suited for lower-precision cutting on thicker metals, such as a steel cutting laser cutting machine, for example. The initial cost of CO2 laser cutting machines for sale is typically lower but operating costs are higher per cut. Moreover, AMADA’s industrial laser cutter fiber technology has advanced beyond the capabilities of most CO2 lasers on the market. 


Whether you are an experienced metalworking technician or a novice, AMADA offers cutting machine metal processing capabilities beyond expectation. Our fiber laser cutting machine range is driven by powerful technology with relatively low technical requirements.

The fiber laser cutting machine has been a game changer for the metal manufacturing industry worldwide. Its adoption has increased exponentially due to its high-speed, high-precision output which lowers operating costs and improves overall quality. While that’s the main factor why the fiber laser metal cutting machine is popular, here’s the key advantages in detail:


The beam quality and output on a fiber laser metal cutting machine are much more precise than its CO2 rivals. This translates into a metal and steel cutting laser machine that can carry out intricate details with maximum accuracy. It also results in higher cutting speeds while using the same or less power than metal cutting laser cutter alternatives. 


A top industrial laser cutter for sale also has the ability to eliminate heat damage from workpieces. Cutting machine metal is done at such high precision levels that the beam won’t cause damage to the surrounding material. This is particularly necessary in industries that require a sheet metal cutter for very small components such as electronic devices. 


In the medium to long term, an industrial laser cutting machine will reduce workshop overheads and operating costs. Of course, laser cutting machines for sale are not cheap. However, minimal maintenance requirements, easy operation, high output, and longevity of the sheet metal cutter, far outweigh the purchase price.  

The software and technology behind the latest laser cutting machines for sale dramatically reduce inefficiencies throughout the production process. Design errors can be identified via a CNC sheet metal laser cutter and fixed pre-production, eliminating waste material in advance. Moreover, the technology behind the metal cutting laser cutter enables scalability with maximum efficiency and quality.


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