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AMADA’s comprehensive CNC press brake machine range gives our customers maximum flexibility and cost-effective production. From a stand-alone press brake machine for bending metal to the most complex bending robots, we’ve got you covered. 


A sheet metal bending machine is used to bend thin sheets of metal (sheet metal) between upper and lower tooling. This machine for bending metal is otherwise referred to as a sheet metal press brake.


When looking at an AMADA press brake for sale, you have a choice between technologies, sizes, and levels of automation. The ultimate goal is to deliver a CNC press brake machine that is an ideal solution and meets your goals. 

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Metal Press Brake Machine - FAQs

A press brake machine refers to a specialised tool designed to bend and form sheet metal into a desired shape. The main components in bending and forming are the upper tool, the punch, and the lower tool, the die. The sheet metal bending machine uses a clamping technique to secure a workpiece between a corresponding punch and die. The punch descends on a metal press brake machine, forcing the workpiece to bend around the shape of the die. The workpiece is then formed precisely and accurately to the desired shape. 


AMADA offers a CNC press brake range that is designed for precise and intricate bending operation and repeatable results. What is a CNC press brake? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. An AMADA press brake for sale integrates the accuracy of its powerful computer system with top-of-the-line hydraulic and electric machinery. With an easy-to-use interface and precise programming for the entire bending process, a CNC machine for bending metal is advantageous. You can enter exact bending parameters, such as bend angle and depth, and expect highly accurate and repeatable results. 


A sheet metal bending machine often makes up an important part of any fabrication workshop in Australia. That is because a machine for bending metal is required for parts manufactured across various industries. Whether that is the automotive industry, housing and cabinet makers, and all sorts of metal-heavy industries. 


Any AMADA sheet metal press brake for sale comes with a wide range of tooling that offers versatility and efficiency. A variety of bending lengths and tonnage is offered to suit all types of manufacturers. Operators now have more application opportunities than offered by any sheet metal bending machine before. 

The CNC press brake has become one of the most indispensable machines in the sheet metal industry. Here are just some of the biggest advantages of investing in an AMADA press brake for sale. 


High accuracy and flexibility: A metal press brake machine offers unmatched accuracy compared to other metal bending alternatives. That is largely due to the punch and die mechanics which enable bending at precise angles. Furthermore, an AMADA press brake can bend a variety of metals, sizes, and bending applications compared to other machines. 


Advanced technology: A CNC press brake machine is equipped with intelligent technology ranging from safety features, consumption efficiency, and complete automation potential. Combined with smart software, it enables bending corrections in the design phase thus lowering prototype and overall manufacturing costs. 


Improved productivity and reduced material waste: The combination of automation and a reduction in defects by using a sheet metal press brake, speeds up production. The unmatched accuracy of this machine for bending metal reduces waste and eliminates production rejections like no other alternative. 


Crowning Control: As the sheet metal bending machine has evolved over the years, it has eliminated inherent issues of the process itself. Physics dictates that the sheer force applied in the bending process tends to cause uneven bending angles over time. Any new AMADA press brake for sale comes with crowning control that achieves stable alignment accuracy even for long workpieces. 

Reduced long-term costs: Although purchasing a CNC press brake for sale is a hefty upfront investment, it’s perfectly worthwhile long-term. This sheet metal bending machine is built to last for decades. The ease of use and low energy consumption lowers both labour and other operating costs for workshops.


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