AMADA’s original ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) has been enhanced for easy use.


Evolved ATC that is considerate of people and the environment, opening up the future of bending with worker support functions and a new servo drive system.


While saving space and increasing the workspace, the mold loading capacity has been increased by 30% compared to the previous model.
In addition, it is equipped with a fully automatic opening and closing of the ATC shutter and a pinch prevention function to ensure both worker safety and work efficiency.


Environmental Consideration

Reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 20%.

Significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Electric Crowning.

New servo drive system.


Height and direction are adjustable.


Idling stop.

Centralised switch.

Wider screen.

Built-in 2D bar code reader.

AMNC 4ie face recognition

Safety device AS-01 compatible

Reduce standby power consumption


Smallest installation space in ATC class for 2m size bender

Installation space is equivalent to conventional ATC, and the amount of molds loaded is significantly increased.

Bi-SⅡ (automatic 2 axes)

Y3 axis back gauge

Voice operation/answerback

automatic sliding foot pedal

Tablet HMI

A tablet HMI linked with various optional devices supports bending work.

Processing guidance display

Abutment monitor display

Bi-SⅡ final angle display

3D simulation display