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The AMADA turret punch machine range offers extreme versatility and cost-effective production. Punching operations are performed with ease and maximum precision. Including opening and cutting round, square, and variously shaped holes in thin sheets of metal. 


Our CNC punch machine range features the latest technology such as Electric Drive Systems and sophisticated Automatic Tool Changer options. These features enable high-speed and full-format processing which reduces punch turret machine set-up time and increases productivity. 


Starting from the robust thick punch turret machine to the laser-hardened tool bores, our range is built to last. When it comes to any CNC turret punch for sale, AMADA has a reputation for building quality and wear-resistant products.

Turret Punch Machine - FAQs

The turret machine plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. It works by cutting different shapes and sizes of holes on large metal sheets, at scale. More specifically, a CNC turret punch allows for extremely precise, efficient, and reliable press cutting. CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’ and essentially means enabling punch turret automation through computer programming. The new technology has greatly reduced the training required for operating a punch turret machine. 


The CNC punch machine operates by using two turrets, one placed above and one below where sheet metal is positioned. The top is called a punch and the bottom is called a die. They move in sync together to punch the required shapes from the metal sheet. The most common operations on a CNC punch machine range from basic punching, piercing sheet metals, embossing, nibbling, and coining. The AMADA turret punch also comes with a wide range of tooling to cut into a variety of shapes. The turret punch machine can combine standard shapes like squares, circles, and hexagons to form more complex outcomes. 


In short, to understand how a CNC punch turret works, here’s a brief overview: 


  1. Feed the CNC punch machine software the right design and cutting instructions.
  2. The punch turret moves the sheet metal in place according to instructions. 
  3. The punch is pressed on the sheet metal and the hole is punched. 

Deciding whether you need to purchase a turret punch for sale depends on your manufacturing demands. The AMADA turret press is great for cutting many repetitive shapes in a time-efficient and high-quality manner. However, if you’re looking to cut more complex shapes, you should consider an industrial laser cutter.


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