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AMADA is a global leader in industrial laser machine welding technology. Our original Variable Beam Control technology delivers superior metal laser welder quality, speed, and productivity. Laser mode can be manipulated to suit the individual laser machine welding requirements. 


We have two types of products available in our dedicated laser welding machine for sale range. One is the robotic welding machine laser cell that enables automated production that has never been seen before. On the other hand, we have the handheld laser welder for sale. The AMADA handheld metal laser welding machine encompasses all the features necessary for ease of operation with minimal skill required. 


When it comes to laser machine welding on an industrial scale, you want reliable and precise machinery for the job. That’s where you trust AMADA to take your laser welding machine processing to a higher level of precision and productivity. 

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Metal Laser Welder - FAQs

Laser machine welding is used for welding and cutting metals. The metal laser welder beam injects energy into the workpiece, melting and solidifying it rapidly. Laser machine welding is mostly used for precise fusion of metals, particularly in a tight control setting of small-component welding. 


The laser beam is produced by a freestanding laser source and directed via a handheld laser welder or machine onto the workpiece. The energy generated through the metal laser welding machine heats and melts the workpieces and filler rod when necessary. The result is a melt pool that fuses together and forms a high-precision weld. 


The technological advances in a metal laser welding machine for sale nowadays equate to even more close control and delicacy. Unlike traditional methods, a handheld laser welding machine can be directed at an exact location with no over-application or spread. As a result, the heat-affected zone is much smaller than when using other welding methods. This is a major advantage as it minimises damage to surrounding areas caused by bulk heating and associated deformation. 


A welding machine laser is particularly common in aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. In Australia, metal manufacturers will acquire a laser welder for sale in industries ranging from furniture to mining. The welding machine laser is particularly useful for materials like aluminium which are difficult to weld by traditional methods. 


The AMADA range offers a handheld metal laser welding machine for manual application as well as an automated option. When seeking a laser welder for sale, you want to ensure you invest in the highest quality machine. You can rest assured that’s what you’ll find in the AMADA automated and handheld laser welding machine for sale range.


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